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CATL launches Tianxing battery brand, targets commercial EV applications

Written by KrASIA Connection Published on   2 mins read

The brand’s first product, Tianxing-L, offers super fast-charging and long-range solutions for commercial electric vehicles, addressing key industry challenges.

Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has introduced Tianxing, a new electric vehicle battery brand specifically for commercial applications. On July 4, CATL launched this brand alongside its inaugural product: the Tianxing-L battery.

The Tianxing-L battery meets a broad range of logistics needs, with capacities from 30–200 kilowatt-hours and real-world ranges from 150–500 kilometers. During the launch, CATL presented two versions of the battery: a super fast-charging edition and a long-range edition:

  • The super fast-charging edition offers 4C charging with an eight-year, 800,000-kilometer warranty. It has a power capacity of 140 kWh, providing a 350-kilometer range under actual working conditions. This version can achieve a 60% state of charge (SOC) in just 12 minutes, making it ideal for suburban transportation and urban deliveries by reducing wait times and increasing freight frequency.
  • The long-range edition provides a 500-kilometer range with the same warranty period. It features a 200 kWh power capacity, addressing concerns about battery drain during long-distance freight. With an energy density of 200 Wh/kg, it reduces vehicle weight by 300 kilograms, allowing for greater payloads and longer driving distances.

CATL has already secured mass production agreements for the Tianxing-L with 13 manufacturers, covering 21 commercial vehicle models, including those from Geely and Dongfeng Motor.

Tianxing-L is CATL’s response to the rising penetration rate of commercial EVs. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the China Passenger Car Association, noted that the penetration rate was around 3% from 2019–2021 but surged to 19% by May this year, up from around 9% in 2023.

This growth aligns with CATL’s research identifying battery-related challenges hindering EV adoption, such as slow recharging speeds, limited travel distances, and high overall costs. For example, a 230-kilometer logistics route requires four recharges, each taking about an hour. Concerns over recharging delays and costs have even led some drivers to forgo air conditioning despite the heat.

Tianxing aims to address these pain points by offering products with long battery life and high efficiency, while prioritizing safety. CATL stated that Tianxing batteries, including the latest Tianxing-L, will feature non-thermal propagation technology and aircraft-grade thermal insulation materials to enhance safety from the battery cell level.

Super fast-charging has been a hallmark of CATL’s product line, with continuous advancements since the company first introduced the concept with the Shenxing battery in August 2023. Tianxing batteries utilize low-lithium graphite and biomimetic self-repairing solid electrolyte interface (SEI) passivation film technology, enabling 4C super fast-charging and up to a 100% increase in battery life cycles.

The batteries also incorporate cell-to-pack (CTP) 3.0 technology and an optimized topological structure, improving grouping efficiency and integrating dual-layer large-surface liquid cooling. These innovations significantly enhance energy density and thermal management, boosting range performance while reducing battery weight.

CATL plans to launch more products under the Tianxing brand to meet the diverse needs of the commercial vehicle segment.

Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said the company is “committed to maximizing the value of the commercial vehicle industry through technological innovation.”


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