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WeChat goes dark in latest release for iOS

Written by Wency Chen Published on   2 mins read

Along with dark mode, WeChat has also rolled out several new functions.

On Sunday, Tencent’s super app WeChat has finally unveiled its long-anticipated dark mode, together with several other new functions, as part of its latest 7.0.12 iOS version.

As required by Apple, WeChat’s latest version will automatically turn black when users select dark mode on their iOS devices, similar to what other apps, including Whatsapp, Twitter, Taobao, and NetEase Cloud Music have already done.

However, on WeChat’s implementation, the background color has a lighter tone compared to other black tones used by apps like Instagram. On the chat interface, WeChat’s iconic green chat box hasn’t changed, while some in-app mini programs are yet not optimized for dark mode, KrASIA found.

As implemented by Apple with its latest operating system iOS 13 at the 2019’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), dark mode turns the entire iOS ecosystem black, including apps and input methods.

Dark mode makes app interfaces easier on the eyes in dimmer environments while also improving devices’ battery life, according to some tech reviewers, while others have criticized this design move taken by many developers.

WeChat’s dark mode. Source: Screenshots of WeChat

Along with dark mode, WeChat has also rolled out more new functions, such as a group chat tool allowing group owners and administrators to pin up to eight mini-programs for easy reach by all members. The new tool will also allow administrators to pin important messages and set reminders in groups chats.

Additionally, WeChat added a new jump button to let users quickly check unseen WeChat Moments, and optimized its voice message interface and sticker management screen.

According to Tencent, dark mode will also be available on Android soon, but the company did not specify a release date.


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