Thai digital payments company Omise gets funding from Nomura Holdings

Written by Thu Huong Le Published on 

Omise Holdings is looking to fund expansion into new markets.

Omise Holdings, one of Thailand’s leading payment services providers, announced today it has raised an undisclosed sum from Nomura Holdings.

Founded in 2013, Omise operates across Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand, offering a number of payment solutions. These include a payment gateway, a decentralized payment platform, and a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In March, Omise was rumored to have been acquired by the Thai conglomerate CP Group for USD 150 million but this was denied by Omise. The company declined to comment further on the case.

It has previously raised more than USD 20 million from investors including Golden Gate Ventures and Sinar Mas Digital Ventures.

According to the press release, the funds raised will be used to support the expansion of Omise Holdings’ subsidiaries to scale operations in the areas of payments, blockchain technology, and digital assets exchange industries.

“The speed of blockchain regulation, policy, and compliance continue to impact our industry, but we can’t allow that to stifle our growth,” Jun Hasegawa, Group CEO of Omise Holdings said in the press statement, “We’re seeking to expand into  jurisdictions with stable and transparent regulatory frameworks and forward-thinking governments.”

Nomura is part of a global financial network spanning 30 countries, offering a variety of financial services and advisory solutions both to institutional and individual clients. It was also the first bank to offer custody services for digital assets such as bitcoin.


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