Singaporean e-scooter startup Neuron Mobility expands to New Zealand

Written by Thu Huong Le Published on 

Neuron said it will maintain a fleet of 2,780 e-scooters across four Asia-Pacific markets by the end of this quarter.

Singapore’s e-scooter startup Neuron Mobility has expanded to New Zealand as part of its expansion across the Asia Pacific region. This comes merely a month after the startup announced its USD 18.5 million Series A led by GSR Ventures and Square Peg Capital.

According to a statement, Neuron Mobility will deploy 880 of its next generation N3 e-scooters in Auckland throughout this month. The e-scooters, which come with adjustable safety helmets, are designed to specifically tackle Auckland’s hilly terrain.

In Auckland, the startup was allocated 880 out of the 3,200 e-scooters permitted by the Auckland Council as the city wants to integrate micro mobility into its transport system. Neuron said it is now also Australia’s largest e-scooter operator, having won permits to operate in Brisbane, Darwin, and Adelaide.

By the end of this quarter, Neuron will maintain a fleet of 2,780 e-scooters across its operating countries. So far, the company said it has recorded over a million trips.

Founded in Singapore in 2016 by Zachary Wang and Harry Yu, the company has operated e-scooter sharing services across Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and now New Zealand.

The startup’s overseas expansion comes at a time when its home market Singapore implemented a ban on e-scooters on footpaths starting last November due to rising concern over related accidents.


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