CHINA BRIEF | Bilibili unveils marketing platform for content creators and advertisers

Written by Wency Chen Published on 

Sparkle, initially an internal tool of Bilibili, is now open to content creators, advertisers, multi-channel networks, and brands.

Popular Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI) today announced the launch of a “matchmaking” service for its 1.8 million monthly active content creators (or “uploaders” as the platform calls them) and advertisers, to help them leverage the platform to reach their target audience.

The marketing platform, called “Sparkle” (Huahuo in Chinese), was initially an internal tool of Bilibili and is now open to content creators, advertisers, multi-channel networks (MCNs), and brands. According to the company, Sparkle can provide services including smart pricing recommendations, showcasing of sample work, and access to data on followers and user engagement to facilitate monetization.

For advertisers, Sparkle offers influencer recommendations, data analytics, and project management tools to smoothen collaborations. TikTok has a similar marketing platform called “TikTok Creator Marketplace”.

Content creators and MCNs can sign up from today, while advertisers will be able to access the platform from July 17.

This article is part of KrASIA’s “China Brief” section, where KrASIA’s reporters will provide quick daily updates about the tech ecosystem in China.  


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