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Chery unveils the Sterra ET, highlighting bold EV ambitions

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Chery’s chairman has promised a surge of electric vehicle models over the next 20 months, hinting at an ambitious expansion.

On April 15, Chery unveiled its latest electric vehicle model, the Sterra ET under its Exeed sub-brand. Designed to be a sport utility vehicle, the Sterra ET features two versions: pure-electric and extended-range, corresponding to the BEV and REEV series:

  • The BEV series includes the Pro, Pro 4WD, Pro Urban, Max, and Ultra, with presale prices of RMB 239,000 (USD 33,080), RMB 249,000 (USD 34,460), RMB 259,000 (USD 35,840), RMB 289,000 (USD 40,000), and RMB 329,000 (USD 45,530), respectively.
  • The REEV series comprises the Sterra ET Plus, ET Pro, and ET Pro+, with presale prices set at RMB 199,000 (USD 27,540), RMB 219,000 (USD 30,310), and RMB 239,000, respectively.
Promotional image of the Sterra ET.
Promotional image of the Sterra ET. Image and header image source: Exeed via Weibo.

Gao Xinhua, deputy general manager of Chery, said that there might be differences in the official prices as they continuously listen to user feedback and adjust the company’s pricing strategy accordingly.

The pure-electric version of the Sterra ET boasts a maximum range of 760 kilometers, equipped with the Shenxing battery developed by Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), with a peak charging power of 420 kilowatts. The new vehicle is capable of achieving a range of 475 kilometers with an 11.5-minute charge. Even in low-temperature environments of -20 degrees Celsius, charging from 20% to 80% only takes 24 minutes, maintaining a peak power output of 280 kW when the state of charge is only 20%.

The extended-range version of the Sterra ET adopts Chery’s proprietary engine with a thermal efficiency of 44.5%, rated at 115 kW, capable of generating 3.65 kilowatts of electricity per hour from every liter of fuel. Based on worldwide harmonized light vehicles test cycle (WLTC) standards, it consumes 5.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, offering a range exceeding 1,500 kilometers.

During a live stream on April 14, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery, said that the automaker would become one of the top three players in the Chinese new energy vehicle market by June 2024 at the latest. Yin added that he hopes to stabilize the monthly sales volume of the Sterra ET, both domestically and internationally, at 10,000 units.

To achieve this, Chery has integrated numerous technologies into the Sterra ET to ensure its competitiveness in the market.

Equipped with an 800V electric drive and intelligent torque control system, the Sterra ET boasts a total power of 413 kW and a maximum torque of 8000 newton-meters (Nm), capable of accelerating from 0–100 km/h in around three seconds.

To cater to various driving scenarios, the vehicle is fitted with six-piston fixed calipers, a flexible steering system, and CIC control technology, with a water wading depth of 700+50 millimeters.

The Sterra ET is also integrated with iFlytek’s Starfire large model, supporting 1,800 in-vehicle voice functions, with swift response and execution times even without internet or in weak network conditions.

To enhance its intelligent driving capabilities, the Sterra ET is equipped with Nvidia’s Drive Orin chip which offers 508 TOPS of computing power, along with over 30 sensors capable of identifying road environments in rain, snow, fog, and other weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Sterra ET features full-scenario intelligent driving assistance functions, based on the “Navigation on Exeed Pilot” (NEP) system, which is said to cover 330 cities across China. The NEP system is expected to be usable upon delivery.

GIF showcasing Exeed’s Sterra ET model.
GIF showcasing Exeed’s Sterra ET model. Graphic source: Exeed via Weibo.

The Sterra ET represents Chery’s aspiration toward brand premiumization. Yin said that, while the Sterra ES is priced at around RMB 700,000 (USD 96,880) in the Middle East, the Sterra ET’s price will likely hit RMB 1 million (USD 138,400), potentially setting a new high for exported Chinese cars.

Yin added that, in the next 20 months, Chery will release 15 pure-electric and extended-range models as well as 24 plug-in hybrid models, locking horns with BYD and other automakers. Among them, Exeed is Chery’s ace in the push toward the high end, with plans to introduce six new Exeed models in the next three years.

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