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ByteDance launches mobile game distribution platform Danjuan

Written by Wency Chen Published on   2 mins read

The new digital game marketplace specializes in casual and entertaining games.

ByteDance quietly launched a mobile game platform dubbed, “Danjuan Game”, which allows developers to release and test games and keeps players in the loop on what’s trending, local media outlet Tech Planet reported on Wednesday. The move marks the latest initiative from the social media giant, known for its short-video app Douyin, into China’s gaming market.

Danjuan, which means “egg roll” in Chinese, is similar to Steam or Tencent’s Wegame—which are digital game stores where gamers download and purchase games plus exchange ideas—except Danjuan is focused on casual mobile games. Users can log into the app using their phone number or via Douyin account and are greeted by short videos featuring recommended games on the main page. Most of those games, according to the Tech Planet report, come from ByteDance-affiliated studios. Users can also sort games by rank, score, downloads, and category.

Besides providing game info, Danjuan helps skip the process of forwarding. Usually, users need to download a standalone app in order to play. However, Danjuan users can download and play games within the app. The platform also has its own virtual currency, the Danjuan coin, which can be acquired by accomplishing tasks and can be used to redeem gaming-related gifts.

Danjuan evolved from Youxiaobang, an online forum for the hit causal game Wo Gongfu Teniu (“My Kungfu is special”), published by ByteDance-owned game studio Ohayoo, according to the Tech Planet report. Danjuan first went online as early as in July and currently is still under testing and available on several third-party software download sites, gaming site GameLook wrote in a report.

Versus established game distribution platforms such as Steam, Wegame, Epic Store, and Taptap, Danjuan’s offering is relatively untested—its collection lacks PC games, and it hasn’t garnered a dedicated community of gamers.

ByteDance did not provide any comment response when asked by KrASIA.

Although Danjuan debuted without blockbuster titles, its focus on mobile games is reasonable. China, home to over 650 million mobile gamers, will see mobile games make up 70% of its online gaming market in 2020, per stats by industry research firm Analysys.


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