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US-based Roambee secures Series B1 funding from MDI Ventures

Written by Cindy Silviana Published on   2 mins read

The company uses IoT tools to streamline logistics for enterprise clients.

US-headquartered logistics monitoring startup Roambee has secured Series B1 funding from Telkom Indonesia’s venture capital arm MDI Ventures as well as Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI). None of the relevant parties have shared information about the deal’s financial details.

This is the second time for MDI Ventures to invest in the company. In 2018, the venture capital initiative poured USD 2 million into Roambee, whose investors include Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, BlueSky Capital Partners, Kri Ventures, and Intuitive.VC.

Founded in 2013, Roambee provides proprietary sensor, software, and cloud technology solutions to capture, deliver, report, analyze, and interpret data. It has also developed a supply chain and asset management platform for global enterprises.

At the moment, more than 300 companies across the world—including T-Mobile, Huawei, Oracle, and Accenture—are Roambee’s clients. Located in Santa Clara, California, Roambee has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Malaysia.

“As a digital telco company, IoT service is one of the growth machines of digital business Telkomsel. Synergy with global-scale startups that already have a portfolio of providing reliable IoT-based logistics and monitoring solutions such as Roambee will not only add to Telkomsel’s IoT portfolio, but also open up new innovation opportunities to bring IoT technology to a more mature and effective industry,” TMI CEO Andi Kristianto said in a press release.

Kristianto added that Roambee’s presence reflects the potential and promise of Indonesia’s rapidly growing market in the IoT industry in particular, and the digital telco industry in general.

Roambee CEO Sanjay Sharma says that Telkomsel has provided a path for the company into Asia, giving Roambee the means to streamline logistics for customers based in the US and abroad.

“Collaboration with Telkomsel enables Roambee to utilize Telkomsel’s ecosystem, such as the infrastructure of Telkomsel and an extensive network of enterprise sales, to provide monitoring solutions for Indonesian and Asian companies. The convergence of IoT sensor hardware, data connectivity, and applications is one of the biggest business opportunities in supply chain operations. Telkomsel and Roambee will be able to accelerate the transformation,” Sharma said.

Telkomsel is making new developments in the scope of Narrow Band technology–Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT), a radio technology standard that enables the operations of cellular devices and services. “We hope that the synergy between Telkomsel and Roambee is able to encourage companies in Indonesia to better implement digital technology in each of their operational lines,” Andi said.


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