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The Uptake | AI isn’t taking your job, but it might be conducting the interview

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

AI might seem like a magic solution for our problems, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Hi there, it’s Degen, a writer for KrASIA.

It was a wild week of news. Here’s what happened.

In The Bullet this week, I wrote about what it takes to join the coveted “developed country” club. Southeast Asia is a region of great potential with rapidly growing economies, but it faces several challenges on its development journey. In this edition, I took a closer look at the complex dynamics of development and explored the impact of factors such as unreliable electricity, inadequate transportation, poor education quality, and state-controlled economies on the region’s potential.

Read more here. It’s worth it, I promise.

In other news, we explored the reliability of AI job interviews as more companies turn to virtual screenings. While these AI systems save time, they lack empathy and connection, often leaving candidates disoriented after a seemingly one-sided conversation. The article discusses the advantages and drawbacks of AI interviews, including the potential for unintentional bias. A hybrid approach that combines AI and follow-up interviews may be the future. You’re likely asking yourself: Are AI interviews reliable? Read more in this latest article.

In addition to these: Vietnam is joining Asia’s rush to embrace ChatGPT, even though the Microsoft-backed AI bot has not launched in the country. Read more to see what the rush is all about.

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Eager to read more? We’ve got you covered. Next week we’ll dive into a Q&A with AngelHack on how they’re supporting developers and entrepreneurs, what happened at the Tencent Cloud Web3 Build Day, and Ant Group’s plans for overseas digital payments.

Enjoy your weekend!

The KrASIA team


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