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Tencent starts internal testing of ChatGPT-like product Hunyuan Aide

Written by KrASIA Connection Published on   2 mins read

Employees of the Chinese tech giant have received invitations to take part in the internal testing of the new AI-powered product.

At Tencent’s financial report meeting held in May earlier this year, the company’s CEO, Pony Ma, said that the artificial intelligence phenomenon is not merely a once-in-a-decade opportunity but a rare chance to invent something revolutionary.

Aligned with Ma’s emphasis on the significance of AI, Tencent has commenced internal testing of its Hunyuan Aide product, which is built on its Hunyuan AI model.

36Kr obtained exclusive information indicating that Tencent employees have received internal invitations to experience Hunyuan Aide through a webpage or WeChat mini-programs. Several business units within Tencent have already begun testing its capabilities.

A key feature of Hunyuan Aide is Inspiration Discovery, which is tailor-made for content creators. It can be used to generate copy for posts on platforms like Xiaohongshu, scripts for short videos, and captions for social media marketing. It also allows users to explore a variety of creative “painting” modes with artistic styles ranging from cyberpunk to pixel illustrations, mosaic patterns, and more.

Hunyuan Aide can cater to an array of scenarios, enhancing its versatility across industries. Employees can use it to generate email content, outline interview questions, create presentation slides and research surveys, among others. For programmers, the model can assist with code generation, code interpretation, SQL statement generation, and more. Users can even plan travel itineraries, fitness routines, and craft enticing food guides.

While primarily supporting text input, Tencent has also included voice input functionality, making Hunyuan Aide more user-friendly. Early-stage feedback from several employees who participated in the internal testing has been positive, in particular highlighting its powerful performance and ease of usability.

As a leading technology company with a strong presence in the social and entertainment domains, Tencent’s capabilities extend to various dimensions, including cloud computing infrastructure. In December 2022, the tech giant launched Hunyuan, its trillion-scale Chinese natural language processing pre-training model.

In June this year, Tencent Cloud rolled out industry-specific big models catering to the B2B market. The company also unveiled “Tencent Cloud Model as a Service” (MaaS) solutions designed to meet the needs of B2B clients in finance, culture and tourism, government affairs, media, education, and other industries.


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