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Tencent rolls out logistics interface for vendors on WeChat

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

Not only does this move allow Tencent to step further into e-commerce, it also encourages additional usage of its e-wallet.

Tencent announced on Tuesday that it has launched a logistics interface for all vendors that use WeChat, further unlocking the app’s potential in e-commerce.

WeChat has been utilized by various vendors to sell their products. For instance, JD.com has a mini program in WeChat that allows users to buy goods without exiting the app.

Some WeChat public account holders monetize their influence by establishing online stores to sell cosmetics, books, toys, clothing, and much more to their followers. However, in the past, tracking those packages wasn’t a one-click process like what corporate vendors are able to facilitate.

Tencent’s roll-out of its logistics interface will streamline the user experience, allowing buyers to keep track of their purchases by aggregating shipping information generated by couriers.

A similar package tracking service has long been available for Alibaba’s users, but its various apps see less active usage compared to WeChat, which is primarily utilized as a communications tool and social media platform by most of its users.

Tencent will recruit courier companies of various scales, including the Alibaba-backed STO Express, to offer shipping options for vendors on WeChat.


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