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Tencent open-sources IoT operating system TencentOS tiny

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

A sign of Tencent’s ambition in the IoT sector.

China’s internet giant Tencent announced Wednesday that it will open-source its in-house Internet of Things (IoT) operating system TencentOS tiny, according to a company’s press release.

Tencent’s IoT team said that making TencentOS tiny an open-source product will allow developers in the world to share Tencent’s technologies and expertise in this sector, while also allowing this system to draw innovations from worldwide, and lower the development cost of IoT applications.

Tencent claims that its OS is highly competitive in terms of resource footprint, equipment cost, power management, and security.

The team added that this move will boost the development of the IoT sector and make possible an era where everything will be interconnected via the internet.

Previously, chipmakers including Shenzhen-based RisingHF and Shenzhen-listed Nations Technologies Inc were among TencentOS tiny’s paid users, according to to Tencent.

China’s telecommunication infrastructure provider and smartphone vendor Huawei unveiled last August its in-house operating system HarmonyOS, an open-source product for consumer loT devices. The first revealed products running the new OS were a pair of smart TVs called Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro.


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