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Tencent moves to push weather forecasts to smart car drivers

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

It’s part of the Internet of Vehicles.

Tencent Auto Intelligence is collaborating with the China Meteorological Administration’s online portal in order to provide smart car drivers with minute-by-minute weather updates within a radius as short as one kilometer, according to the social media and gaming giant’s news portal QQ.com.

Tencent has gathered more than 17 automakers—including BMW, Daimler Benz, and Guangzhou Automobile Group—under the banner of Tencent Auto Intelligence to explore how smart cars can adopt Internet of Vehicles (IoV) solutions. Their recent move is to incorporate weather information such as smog intensity, rain levels, and snow conditions to drivers, so that commutes can be planned accordingly.

Although IoV is considered as one of the next big things for the automobile industry, where vehicles will communicate with each other to maintain traffic flow and avoid accidents, the field’s basic standards and requirements haven’t been defined yet.

Already, 45 car models with IoV systems are being developed by Tencent and its partners, according to QQ.com.

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