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Tencent lab publishes findings on Tesla Autopilot flaws

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

Tesla says two of the flaws the lab found are not real-world scenarios, and that it has patched the third.

Tencent’s Keen Security Lab released three research findings on Tesla’s driving assistance system Autopilot last Friday. It found flaws in the auto-wipers vision recognition, a lane recognition flaw, and a control steering system flaw.

“After we compromised the Autopilot system on the Tesla Model S (version 2018.6.1), Keen Lab further proved that we can control the steering system through the Autopilot system with a wireless gamepad, even when the Autopilot system is not activated by the driver,” the lab’s researches wrote in a blog post.

It also mentioned how Tesla reacted to the lab’s findings.

Regarding the first two, Tesla said it did not consider these real-world situations. For the last one, the EV maker said it has fixed the problem with two security updates before the lab put out its report.

“We have never seen a single customer ever affected by any of the [problems laid out] in this report,” said Tesla.

Tesla founder Elon Musk on Tuesday shared the post with the comment, “solid work by Keen, as usual” via his Twitter account.

Tencent is the fourth largest shareholder of Tesla, holding a 5% stake.

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