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Startup Wire | 100 miles and running

Written by Startup Wire Published on   3 mins read

The latest startup briefs from across the Asia Pacific region.

Hi everyone. Taro here.

I recently spent a few days on Palawan Island in the Philippines for a short break. The scenery, aquatic life and quietness was a truly amazing experience, a must-do for anyone craving a breach getaway. However, one avoidable reality of the area and perhaps the country is the harsh reality of poverty and underdeveloped infrastructure. People living in shacks, toilets without flushing water, the lack of phone reception, and half-finished roads were regular occurrences. We even had cash and footwear stolen during one of our stays, which highlighted how different life is in these areas. With a stronger focus on sustainability and social impact within businesses, one can hope this can translate into a transformation for the betterment of society, to help developing areas gain access to what many of us take for granted.

Open Run

This week, we look at the regional winners from the recent Inspiration Challenge 2023 run by OPPO in Bangkok. 

  • Backyard Creators is behind Impulse, an economically priced hearing aid crafted to assist individuals with inherent hearing deficiencies. This device aims to restore their auditory functions without the need for invasive surgeries or implants. The technology achieves this by magnetically stimulating the user’s cochlea.
  • Benew Tech has developed Ertigo, a mobile application that harnesses artificial intelligence and interactive tools to enhance the physical health and wellness of its users. Through the app, users can benefit from AI-driven muscle and posture assessments and can also link with physiotherapy clinics for individualized self-care guidance.
  • Flint has introduced paper batteries as a sustainable energy storage solution. These batteries are capable of storing and converting renewable energy sources. Using environmentally friendly materials, they seek to reduce the carbon footprint typically linked to conventional energy storage. Additionally, Flint offers a range of tech products emphasizing sustainable living practices.
  • Mila4AI is the developer of EZSpeech, a dedicated application designed to support children with speech disorders in refining their speaking capabilities. By integrating artificial intelligence, the app can suggest specific oral motor and articulation exercises, offering the advantage of not always requiring a therapist’s presence. It further utilizes AI to deliver instant feedback and produce detailed reports.
  • Mobio Interactive runs AmDTx, an AI-powered digital therapeutic platform. This platform provides medical professionals with the capability to prescribe neurobehavioral interventions. Notably, the platform is customizable, has received clinical validation for its results, and is available in six diverse languages.

Clean Block

In another new section, we cover interesting news items related to climate and sustainability in Southeast Asia.

  • Controversial water joint ventures in the Philippines face backlash as they’re perceived to prioritize profit over public service. [via Eco-Business]
  • As the climate crisis intensifies, Southeast Asia embraces alternative meats, signaling a shift in dietary preferences and environmental consciousness. [via CNBC]
  • The concept of “solar grazing” or agrivoltaics gains traction in the US and China, showcasing a blend of solar energy generation and agriculture.
  • Singapore and Chile have inked a memorandum of understanding, aiming to collaborate on carbon markets and pricing in alignment with the Paris Agreement. [via SBR]
  • Vietnam accelerates efforts towards the development of a carbon market. [via Vietnam+]

Pick & Roll

Interesting Drops From the Week

  • Southeast Asia’s reliance on US industrial policy could pose risks for the region. [via The Diplomat]
  • Neu Battery Materials introduces an electrochemical separation solution for recycling lithium-ion batteries.
  • This is a true story despite how ridiculous it sounds: illegal miners in Peru are reportedly using jetpacks, fueling speculations of extraterrestrial involvement. [via Vice]
  • Leading physicist Michio Kaku critiques chatbots as “glorified tape recorders” while highlighting the potential of quantum computing.
  • Major record labels sue the Internet Archive for USD 400 million over the digitization of vintage records, alleging copyright infringement. [via ARS Technica]

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