Shopee sets new record with 200 million items sold on Singles’ Day

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on 

Over 20 million hours of livestreams were watched on Shopee Live in Southeast Asia and Taiwan since it launched 11.11 Big Sale three weeks ago.

Shopee has set a new record on this year’s 11/11 shopping festival with 200 million items sold, the firm announced on Thursday. It is a significant increase from last year’s big sale where it reached 70 million products in 24 hours.

On Wednesday, first-time sellers saw a tenfold increase in orders compared to an average day. The platform also witnessed meaningful engagement as over 20 million hours of livestreams were watched on Shopee Live, while in-app games were played more than 2.5 billion times in Southeast Asia and Taiwan since it launched 11.11 Big Sale three weeks ago.

“The success of 11/11 Big Sale reflects the continued growth of e-commerce in the region and the many opportunities it presents for businesses and shoppers,” said Shopee CEO Chris Feng in an official statement. “At a time where the business landscape is transforming, we are committed to helping sellers and brands capture new growth opportunities while making online shopping more engaging and rewarding for consumers.”

In Indonesia, Shopee uncovered new trends such as a surge in demand for personal care and household needs. The firm noted that 4 million facial care products and 1.8 million storage containers were sold during the event. Mobiles and tablets have been the best-selling category, with Xiaomi emerging as the top brand.

In parallel, Shopee also held a “11/11 Big Charity campaign.” It streamed a charity concert on Shopee Live that was watched 1.2 million times. “We shifted our focus to create a positive impact for the communities we serve,” Indonesia director Handhika Jahja told KrASIA.

“The regional charity drive aims to raise awareness and donations for underprivileged children in the region and we work closely with our partners, brands and ambassadors to achieve our vision of making e-commerce accessible for everyone,” he said. All proceeds will go to local beneficiaries.


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