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Shein’s digital supply chain supplier Singbada nets investment for fast fashion expansion

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Singbada expects more clothing companies to follow Shein’s example and demand flexible supply chains.

Guangzhou-based startup Singbada secured a pre-Series A investment led by Xiang He Capital and joined by existing backer Weed Ventures to develop its supply chain software and management business.

Founded in 2017, Singbada digitizes clothing companies’ long and fragmented supply chains, allowing them to be more efficient and responsive to dynamic consumer demands. The company offers robust data analysis and inventory prediction to larger clients, while also providing lightweight SaaS tools for smaller enterprise customers to improve operational efficiency.

Singbada is one of fast fashion sensation Shein’s largest suppliers, producing tens of thousands of styles for the clothing industry upstart. Going forward, more clothing manufacturers will take inspiration from Shein’s success and utilize the services of providers like Singbada for flexible supply chain management, founder Li Yong said in an internal memo in June 2021.

Singbada does not match the order depth of mature competitors like Shenzhou International, but manages a wider range of SKUs. Shenzhou International generated RMB 20 billion in revenue from 20,000 production orders for a range of apparel companies like Nike and Uniqlo, while Singbada only generated around RMB 100 million from the same number of orders, with its average order volume of 180 pieces. But this horizontal agility and ability to produce standardized products in small batches in three to ten days is Singbada’s strength, according to Li.

As more companies adopt flexible supply chain solutions, Singbada is expanding its production capacity and honing its technology. The company counts more than 100 employees, over half of which are in research and development.

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