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RockFlow raises USD 10 million angel funding, aims to create Asia’s Robinhood

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   2 mins read

RockFlow was founded in 2021 to provide a new way for Gen Z users to invest their money.

RockFlow, a one-stop investment platform, has announced the completion of a USD 10 million angel round from world-leading VC firms. The financing is mainly for the company to expand the team and develop AI-driven products. Founded in July 2021, the new company is committed to becoming the Robinhood of Asia, providing a global all-inclusive investment service for Gen Z investors.

“This generation will have a strong demand for investment and financing as they move forward in life, but the investment products in the market now are still traditional and complex, and these are obstacles for those young people to participate in investing,” said one of the investors of RockFlow. “Robinhood’s breakout performance during the pandemic proved the potential of the investment market, which is why I am so bullish on RockFlow.”

“Everyone should have their preferred brokerage platform and enjoy the fun of investment,” said RockFlow founder Vakee Lai, who believes that each person has different investment styles and risk preferences. RockFlow can provide personalized, comprehensive, and professional data analysis tools for users, fitting difference preferences in fundamental analysis and quantitative research.

At the same time, RockFlow aims to create a comfortable investment environment for Gen Z users. This includes reducing investment barriers through product innovation so that anyone can easily invest through RockFlow.

Notably, innovations made by brokerage platforms can lead to more accurate risk pricing. These platforms provide more personalized financial plans and usage scenarios based on users’ personal financial needs and risk preferences. Institutional users will have access to a more sophisticated investment research platform that incorporates both fundamental and quantitative intelligence tools.

In terms of asset management innovation, RockFlow uses AI technology to provide tools that meet users’ demand on pricing, alternative data financial product innovation, and customized asset management solutions. This helps users make investment decisions more efficiently and carry out more accurate risk control.

The team members of RockFlow developed their skill sets and professional experience at top technology companies and colleges, with cross-innovation backgrounds in artificial intelligence, financial engineering, and the internet. The team has experience trading stocks, futures, and other derivatives investment in the Chinese, British, and American markets.


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