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Mobike gets hold of a new EV For its car-sharing service

Written by Ben Published on   1 min read

Mobike started its car-sharing services in December 2017.

SITECH, one of the many Chinese EV makers, unveiled its new DEV1 which comes in two models, one flagship and one customized for Mobike, which first inked the partnership deal with SITECH last year-end. The customized model, known as DEV1 Sharing Version, or SITECH for Mobike, is a compact size EV comes with the company’s proprietary D-OS smart driving system.

Additionally, Mobike has set up a JV with another Chinese EV maker AIWAYS to make inroads into China’s growing EV and car-sharing market. The two reportedly would be launching a pilot car-sharing program in southern Jiangxi province soon.

Mobike was recently acquired by Meituan-Dianping China’s largest lifestyle e-commerce and O2O platform. Meituan has been vigorously branching out to the ride-hailing sector to challenge Didi Chuxing the monopoly in Didi’s own game.

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