Meet the 64 Malaysia startups advancing in Gobi’s startup championship

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The companies will proceed to Stage I where they have to win public votes.

Gobi Partners announced on Friday its top 64 picks for Stage I of the SuperSeed II Championship. The competition saw over 200 applicants registering for a chance to win prizes including RM 15 million (USD 3.5 million) in funding and the opportunity to join entrepreneurship programs from partners like Alibaba.

“The overall quality of this year’s applicant pool was incredible. The Gobi team put in many days and nights evaluating every submission. We had to make tough decisions because there was an abundance of deserving startups,” said Gobi’s chairman Thomas G. Tsao in a statement. “Many of the entrepreneurs are tackling the world’s intractable problems, and that should give everyone great hope.”

The 64 participants come from a variety of backgrounds, and include both new startups and established companies. Most of the startups that entered were Malaysian, while some came from other countries such as Bangladesh, Brunei, Germany, and Indonesia. The majority of the participants fell within the lifestyle and smart city sectors.

Gobi’s investment team considered six factors: business model, impact of the business, management team,  traction, fundraising history, and quality of the pitch deck. Although these factors helped to determine the initial seedings, how companies advance will depend solely on online public voting for Stage I.

For the next stage, the chosen startups will compete in Stage I where the companies will need to execute a marketing campaign to gather votes. Subsequently, 32 startups will advance to Stage 2 commencing on August 3, which involves shooting a promotion video for their company.

Here are the selected 64 companies:

Smart cities

Speedhome; Hom; HomeCrowd; Chupspace; Simplify; Tinking; Desight; Gururealiti; Delyva; Legatus; Pomen; GPS Fleet; Moovby; Nakride; WHIP; ACS Pentas.

Circular economy

NLY Tech; Tuppy; Grubcycle; Degrosery; Erth; Safari Tech; Circlepac; Maeko; Goloco; Engage; Lokein; Tradly; Ezipod; Interior Hub; Klean; Vechnology.


MyCashOnline; Mercury Pay; Fatehub;; HeyAlfred; Finology; MyMy; Senang Insurance; Kryptopos; Bukku; ReGov; Global PCK; GA Alliance; Currenseek; Motionscloud; Agiliux.


Memori; MindAppz; StudentQR; Anak2U; Bountie; Chaintope; TalentCloud; Qwork; Kravve; Mum’s Kulfi; Stixfresh; Table2Own; MyGroser; Bruita; Ento; Babylon Farm.


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