Malaysian food delivery startup Dahmakan nabs USD 5 million for expansion

Written by Robin Moh Published on 

Potent Malaysian food delivery competitor just up its game.

Dahmakan, a Malaysia-based food delivery company, has raised USD 5 million in its Series A fundraising round, The Independent reports.

This brings the startup’s total funds raised to nearly USD 10 million. Investors of this round include China’s UpHonest Capital, Silicon Valley’s Partech Partners, Atami Capital and the US seed accelerator Y-Combinator (YC).

Dahmakan was one of only a handful of Southeast Asian startups to make it into the Silicon Valley-based Y-Combinator accelerator in 2017. According to The Independent, the firm plans to expand in Malaysia and then Singapore and Indonesia.

Last year, Dahmakan forayed into Bangkok after acquiring Polpa, a Thai food delivery platform.

Dahmakan is known for utilizing the cloud kitchen model, handling all its operations from the kitchens to cook the meals all the way to delivery. The company claims that the technology helps it scale food production without compromising on quality and price and that it means customers can order food in advance and arrange scheduled delivery.


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