Logistics platform Waresix acquires Trukita, to add muscle on the first mile, CEO says

Written by Ursula Florene Published on 

After the acquisition, Waresix will offer access to almost 50,000 trucks.

The Indonesian logistics service provider Waresix on Thursday announced that it acquired the freight and trucking company Trukita. “Trukita brings in strength on the first mile, while Waresix excels in mid-mile operations,” Waresix CEO Andree Susanto told KrASIA. With the acquisition, his company will have almost 50,000 trucks under its wings, from previously 40,000, he said.

The two firms also integrated their online platforms, to make sure that incoming orders from either platform can be served by vendors from the other. Susanto said that Waresix customers are now able to solve more than one problem from a single platform, be it looking for warehouse or trucking service. “Other players are not able to do that,” he added.

Trukita’s app enables users to track deliveries in real time, to analyze their businesses, optimize their supply chains, and pay online, while Waresix connects shippers and businesses with available trucks and warehouses across Indonesia.

Susanto points out that the company is still open to further acquisitions with businesses that “have strong synergies with Waresix.” He aims to tap on more opportunities in Indonesia’s USD 12 billion port logistics market.

Founded in 2017 by Andree Susanto and Edwin Wibowo, Waresix currently operates in more than 100 cities in Indonesia and manages over 375 warehouses. Earlier this year, the company concluded its Series B round to fund business expansion and technology development.


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