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LessonPlan Makes It Easy to Locate and Book Enrichment Classes in Real Time

Written by Alibaba Cloud Project AsiaForward Published on   2 mins read

The Singapore-based startup makes it simple and convenient to book extracurricular activities using its marketplace platform.

One way that parents show their support for their children is by giving them the opportunity to explore and further their interests.

Some parents accomplish this by signing up their children for enrichment programs in music, arts, sports, and more. These classes not only double as recreational activities but also help their children cultivate a life-long passion.

However, some teachers may find it difficult to organize such classes in an orderly manner, especially gig workers, who are paid by the hour or session.

In such circumstances, not many teachers or coaches have the time to manage bookings, plan classes, and liaise with their clients as they spend most of their time conducting lessons. Often, teachers rely on spreadsheets to organize their class schedules. Updates, as well as responses to bookings, are mostly communicated over the phone or by email. The process is not just laborious and repetitive but also inefficient. Teachers might also be unable to respond to clients on time.

Many teachers also lack an online presence, and clients may not be able to peruse their credentials. This makes it difficult for them to secure registrations, or worse, they could risk losing the business of potential clients.

LessonPlan is a marketplace platform that simplifies the process of booking enrichment classes. Through the platform, clients can browse for classes based on parameters such as subject, location, date, or time. The availability of classes is reflected in real time. When suitable classes are found, they can be booked instantly.

In addition, teachers and coaches can leverage the platform to set up an online page, where they can showcase their credentials and expertise and be rated and reviewed.

LessonPlan can also double as a resource planning system, allowing teachers to manage their schedules, make announcements, share updates, and even track the attendance of students.

Currently, most classes listed on LessonPlan are meant for children and conducted offline, although the platform allows classes of all types to be listed.

Based in Singapore, LessonPlan was founded in 2020 by Danny Heng (CEO), Hanrong Huang (COO), and Mike Lim (CMO) after they realized the pain points often faced by teachers offering after-school activities. Danny and Hanrong are also co-founders of Ace Dolphin, a swim school.

The trio hopes that LessonPlan can help teachers simplify the way they manage administrative matters, so more time and resources can be dedicated to their classes.

LessonPlan applied to take part in Project AsiaForward Alibaba Cloud Global Startup Accelerator Singapore Demo Day, held on June 1, 2022, at the Singapore EXPO.


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