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Lazada’s LazMall rolls out suite of tools to attract merchants and help optimise sales

Written by Zhixin Tan Published on   2 mins read

Lazada and LazMall are becoming increasingly similar to their Chinese cousins Taobao and TMall

Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada announced today at the LazMall Brands Future Forum (BFF) a series of new features, dubbed “super-solutions”, to help brands and sellers build up their brand image on Lazada, market their items to customers, and facilitate sales.

On the branding side, Lazada offers a new tech tool that allows sellers to customise their virtual storefront to reflect their brand image, as well as a “follow” feature to push store updates to their followers. Sellers on LazMall can also participate in campaigns to increase their brand awareness and sales.

Meanwhile, LazMall’s enhanced Marketing Solutions Package and Business Advisor Dashboard help sellers make more efficient and effective decisions. The use of big data to generate near real-time information allows sellers to quickly determine the best step to take to increase the visibility of their products and attract more customers. It also allows vendors to monitor and track their businesses.

Tapping into the rising trend of a fan economy, Lazada introduces the in-app live-streaming feature so that brands and sellers can interact and connect.

Additionally, Lazada vows to simplify its store registration process with a new self-sign up feature. The new process can be completed within minutes.

Making the process easier and offering more sales tools is part of Lazada’s strategy to attract more brands and sellers to LazMall to win market share in the region. Jing Yin, CEO of Lazada, speaking at the media interview session today said the 2019 target for LazMall is to increase the number of brands by five fold.

Since the takeover of Lazada by Alibaba in and the launch of LazMall in 2018, which attracts higher-value brands, in addition to the Lazada marketplace, both platforms are starting to add features that make them more similar to their relatives in China, TMall and Taobao.

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