KEY STAT | Tiktok and Douyin are the top-grossing apps worldwide for the seventh month

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Approximately 86% of TikTok’s revenue came from Douyin in China.

Shot video and livestreaming app Tiktok and its China version Douyin have raked in a combined USD 115 million in global user spending in October, making the ByteDance flagship products the top-grossing non-game apps for the seventh consecutive month since April, according to app performance tracker Sensor Tower.

Taking into account earnings from both iOS and Google Play, the USD 115 million revenue is 6.2 times that of October 2019, said a Sensor Tower report published on its official WeChat account on Monday. Approximately 86% of TikTok’s revenue came from Douyin in China, followed by 8% from the US.

Downloads for the short video duo have spiked internationally in 2020 as COVID-19 boosted online entertainment. In China, the average daily consumption time for short video content per user was hitting 110 minutes by June, KrASIA reported.

Last week, Douyin’s China rival Kuaishou filed for a public listing in Hong Kong, while ByteDance has reportedly been in talks with investors for a pre-IPO deal before listing its main businesses, including Douyin, news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, and longer video app Xigua Video, in Hong Kong as well.

Tiktok has been dealing with increasing international pressure this year and was banned in the US and India amidst worsening diplomatic relationships between both countries and China.

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