KEY STAT | Huawei and Apple own 88% of China’s high-end smartphone market

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The high-end smartphone makers Apple and Huawei are only separated by a mere 0.1% difference in market share.

With 44.1%, telecommunication giant Huawei holds the biggest share of China’s high-end smartphone (priced over USD 600) market in the first half of 2020, said the latest report of research institute IDC.

Apple, who just launched four new models on its iPhone 12 line, covering a price range of USD 699 to USD 1,099 (Chinese versions start at RMB 5,499 to RMB 11,899), tails behind with a mere 0.1% difference in market share.

The two brands together control 88.1% of China’s high-end smartphone market, leaving the remaining 11.9% to domestic phone makers like Xiaomi, Oppo, and international ones like Samsung.

With the rapid penetration of 5G phones, China is seeing more and more high-priced smartphone products since 2019, said the IDC report.

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