Juwai IQI expands into Singapore, partners with OrangeTee & Tie

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on 

The alliance is creating a network of more than 15,000 property agents across Asia, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East.

Proptech firm Juwai IQI has joined forces with Singapore’s third-largest real estate firm OrangeTee & Tie, creating an alliance of more than 15,000 property agents across Asia, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East, the company announced on Friday.

The partnership provides OrangeTee a possibility to market and sell their new homes locally and around the world. Singaporean buyers will have access to more than 2.8 million property listings in 91 countries, as well as local agents in the countries of investment.

Juwai IQI was formed in 2019 after the merger of Juwai, a Chinese online marketplace for overseas properties, and IQI Global, a real estate network serving Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In an interview with KrASIA earlier this year, Juwai IQI’s executive chairman Georg Chmiel said that the portal has around seven million listings from more than 90 countries, with 3.5 million monthly unique users.

“One key to success during the pandemic has been the rapid adoption of new technology,” said Chmiel in a statement. “We have deployed technologies that improve agent productivity, enable remote property marketing and relationship building and give developers an end-to-end solution in advertising and selling their listings. We are now well-positioned to help both buyers and developers in Singapore to discover new markets, just like we already do across Asia.”


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