News threatens to fire underperforming or overpaid employees in leaked email

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If you can’t go “all out” for the company, you’re out

China’s e-commerce giant said it is determined to kick out three types of employees, according to a screenshot of part of an email posted anonymously on career networking platform Maimai.

The first type includes employees who cannot go “all out”, or hustle their hardest, for the company.

“No matter if their performance is good or bad, if their position is high or low, whether they are employees that have served the company for a long time or are still management trainees, whether it is for physical reasons or family reasons,”  the email reads.

The second type refers to underperforming employees, while the third targets those who are overpaid.

When contacted by KrAsia on Monday, said in a written statement that reading information without the context of the whole email and without concrete cases is easy to generate one-sided interpretation.

“At present, we advocate the spirit of entrepreneurship and hard work. We hope that everyone can make his life better through joint efforts. We are responsible for the majority of hard-working employees by creating an environment that relies on fair hard work rather than using various excuses to muddle along,” said JD.

The company also emphasized in the statement that it values employees’ physical and spiritual wellbeing and also family happiness.

It added that it covers the entire medical expenses for critically ill family members of employees with more than five years working experience in and provide female employees with longer-than-legally-demanded maternity leave. confirmed in February that it plans to fire 10% its high-level executives and on Monday that it’s piloting a performance-based salary for its couriers instead of a basic salary plus bonus.

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