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Israeli food tech startup Zero Egg makes debut in US market

Written by NoCamels Published on   3 mins read

The company’s products can replace natural eggs in entrees and baked meals that are familiar the world over.

Israeli food tech startup Zero Egg, the developer of a vegan substitute for eggs, has officially launched in the US, offering its plant-based egg replacement to food service operators and manufacturers.

Founded in 2018, Zero Egg is an early-stage startup with over USD 1 million in funding so far. It was part of The Kitchen FoodTech Hub, a tech incubator and seed investor in food and beverage startups that is co-run with the Strauss Group, one of Israel’s biggest food product manufacturers company.

Zero Egg offers two products: Egg Basics, which can be used in traditional egg entrees and breakfast dishes, as well as Bake Basics, developed for baking purposes. Both products, which the company says taste and function like ordinary eggs but are made entirely with plants, come in powder form.

Zero Egg is based on a blend of plant proteins, including soy, potato, pea, and chickpea, and offers no cholesterol, low fat, and low calorie benefits, with just 15 calories per egg substitute compared to the average 68 calories of an actual egg.

The startup also indicates that there’s a sustainability element. To produce a dozen ordinary eggs, it takes approximately 636 gallons of water. Producing the equivalent of a dozen plant-based eggs with Zero Egg takes 93% less water, the company says.

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“Zero Egg is a game-changer because we are working with major food service players and food manufacturers to transform the industry by not only making plant-based food more accessible, but the norm,” said Liron Nimrodi, CEO and co-founder of Zero Egg, in a statement. “Designed with a clean taste and a texture to be used in a wide variety of dishes where eggs are traditionally used, Zero Egg offers increased flexibility and affordability.”

Demand for plant-based food is on the rise, with plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products further making their way into the market. According to a retail report put together by Spins, a wellness-focused tech company, sales of plant-based foods that replace animal products have grown 29% in the past two years to USD 5 billion.

Zero Egg made its debut in the US last week on World Egg Day, marked every year since 1996 to celebrate “the wonderful versatility of the egg.”

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“We’re launching ‘the egg for everyone’ on World Egg Day to crack old food paradigms and proudly demonstrate that Zero Egg is the best choice as the only plant-based egg that does it all,” said natural products industry veteran Isabelle Francois, general manager of Zero Egg North America. “We’ve seen a huge shift in vegan meat, milk, and cheese offerings at full service and fast-casual restaurants, especially among the flexitarian crowd. Now it’s time to not only disrupt the plant-based egg category, but to become the leader of it by offering the most ethical, tasty, versatile, and economical egg alternative on the market.”

Mario Rodriguez, executive chef at Zero Egg, said, “By simply mixing the powder with water and oil, you can use it to make scrambles, omelets, quiches, French toast, waffles, cookies, sauces, among many other dishes. It’s ready to use in minutes and can be made and stored in large batches, so it’s perfect for busy breakfast rushes and ideal for food manufacturers looking to create and launch new animal-friendly items.”

Zero Egg’s products are manufactured in Cookeville, Tennessee, and the company has partnered with Gordon Food Service for distribution. The startup plans to launch a consumer version next year.

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