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Israeli firms Carbyne, Edgybees partner to improve disaster response

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The integration of the two companies will combine Edgybees’ AI-centric software solution and Carbyne’s 911 video capabilities.

Israeli public safety technology company Carbyne announced last month that it has partnered with Israeli aerial video software Edgybees. The collaboration brings video imagery to 911 call centers, public safety decision-makers, and first responders in real-time through drone footage. This enables them to “assess situations and efficiently respond based on precise videos of the area in crisis,” the statement from Carbyne said.

Many cities have begun to rapidly deploy innovative solutions, including drones, in disaster and emergency response systems, which allows reduced time to dispatch and save lives. The integration of the two companies combines Edgybees’ AI-centric software solution and Carbyne’s 911 video capabilities, which will enhance emergency responders’ situational awareness in dangerous circumstances such as wildfires, floods, or earthquakes.

Through the partnership, Carbyne will expand on its existing set and receive Edgybees’ real-time video with high-precision geographical registration from drones to directly stream to the 911 call center. First responders will then be able to obtain an aerial view of the territory as well as additional key data points,  including detailed overlays of roads, key landmarks, or traffic lights to pinpoint the exact location of the disaster and coordinate adequate emergency response.

Headquartered in New York, Carbyne is the largest rich data provider globally, delivering over 155 million data points per year. It has developed a rich data platform that enables first responders and emergency call centers to connect with the caller through a secure communication omnichannel without apps required. The company envisions providing a unified cloud-native solution that allows first responders, citizens, and the state to share actionable data that translates to transparent operations and saves lives.

Erez Tsur, president and COO of Carbyne, said the emergency response system has continuously demonstrated vulnerabilities and that “technological advancements in emergency response, such as the incorporation of real-time video or even drone capabilities, are streamlining mission-critical operations like never before.” To address this challenge, “Carbyne is eager to partner with Edgybees to elevate our platform’s accuracy, improve life-saving measures, and achieve unprecedented location precision in the face of danger or disaster,” he added.

Founded in 2017, Edgybees brings forth a solution that integrates advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to accurately match aerial video to satellite reference imagery in real time. Edgybees’ approach brings clarity and speed to mission-critical and lifesaving operations that rely on streamed aerial video for situational awareness.

“Adding real-time video augmented with accurate geolocation of roads and key landmarks delivers a new level of visibility to response centers using the Carbyne emergency collaboration platform,” said Adam Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of Edgybees. “The Edgybees platform has been battle-tested in major public emergency situations, including wildfires in Australia and California and major category five hurricanes. We look forward to our collaboration with Carbyne to help advance public safety teams.”

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