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Inside the shopper’s mind: Exploring consumer behavior in Indonesia’s e-commerce landscape

Written by Sara Mandagie Published on   4 mins read

Think Indonesia is a series of informative sessions organized by KrASIA and 36Kr Chuhai to help companies navigate Indonesia’s dynamic business landscape.

Indonesia is in a state of flux, with digitalization at the core of its agenda.

How Indonesians shop and consume content are among the various facets of life in Indonesia that are now influenced by the rise of digital technology, with notable effects. One of these effects is the unlocking of new business opportunities, ripe to leverage for both local and international companies.

Indonesia’s e-commerce market, in particular, has become an economic powerhouse. According to a survey conducted by Data Reportal in 2022, 62.6% of Indonesian internet users aged 16–64 purchased a product or service online in 2022, 3.3% higher than the previous year. More than half of the country’s internet users engage in e-commerce, and the numbers are rising year on year.

Consumer products company MeToo is among the entities that have capitalized on this opportunity, rapidly making its mark in Indonesia. The company achieved annual sales exceeding RMB 100 million (USD 13.7 million) in less than two years since entering the market. This sizable sales figure is primarily driven by the commercial success of two mouthwash products, popularized in the Indonesian market by tapping into the potential of social media platforms such as TikTok. According to 36Kr, TikTok-facilitated e-commerce in Indonesia is a fast-growing segment, recording a monthly gross merchandise volume (GMV) of USD 200 million in 2022, with the platform’s influence extending to other Southeast Asian markets.

Shopee’s foothold as one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent e-commerce platforms also stems from its strong positioning in Indonesia’s bustling market. According to Google search activity data recorded in 2022, Shopee is the most frequently searched e-commerce platform in Indonesia. One of the possible factors that has driven its popularity is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the navigation process for both buyers and sellers.

Moreover, a recent report highlights the burgeoning trend of livestream e-commerce. The trend means big business for influencers who are racking up notable earnings from livestreaming activities, with some amassing billions of rupiah within hours. For example, Richard Lee, a well-recognized beauty doctor, generated revenue totaling IDR 5.5 billion (USD 360,000) from running a 90-minute livestream sale of skincare products on Shopee Live.

Indonesia’s e-commerce potential is recognized even by TikTok, with over two million vendors selling their products on the platform. TikTok has plans to continue supporting these vendors by investing in user growth and e-commerce capabilities. Such potential has not only drawn the attention of Shopee, but other widely-used online shopping platforms in Indonesia as well, including Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, and Bukalapak.

Think Indonesia

How are these sellers moving products at the scale needed to thrive in Indonesia’s market, what preferences do Indonesian consumers have, and how are these preferences changing? To address these questions, KrASIA and 36Kr Chuhai will delve into Indonesia’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape in the second edition of Let’s Chuhai Talks.

Let’s Chuhai Talks is an event series introduced by 36Kr Chuhai to support businesses looking to expand their operations beyond borders and enter international markets. The “Think Indonesia” subseries will zoom in on Indonesia’s digital landscape, providing key information to aid these businesses in navigating the local industry more effectively.

The upcoming webinar follows our recent in-depth talk about digital transformation opportunities in Indonesia, and will analyze what makes Indonesian consumers tick, exploring their unique behavior patterns, effective market entry strategies, and the challenges that businesses might encounter while navigating Indonesia’s thriving e-commerce sector.

Titled “Inside the Shopper’s Mind: Exploring Consumer Behavior in Indonesia’s Thriving E-commerce Landscape”, the webinar will be conducted via Zoom on September 15, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. (GMT+7). Participants will hear from Abibayu, the vice president of Social Bread.

Social Bread is an Indonesia-based social media agency that supports the country’s small and medium enterprises with the tools and strategies they need to achieve business success on social media.

Abibayu is a content creator with over 2.5 million social media followers across various platforms. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. As the vice president of Social Bread, Abibayu specializes in crafting and executing corporate and brand digital marketing strategies. This includes developing social media campaigns, managing key opinion leaders (KOLs), orchestrating live shopping events, administering affiliate marketing programs, and addressing a wide range of other digital marketing needs.


Please note that all times below are in Jakarta time, GMT+7.

  • 13:30–13:05: Welcome by KrASIA
  • 13:35–13:50: Keynote presentation by Abibayu, vice president of Social Bread
  • 13:50–14:15: Dialogue: Effective marketing strategies and tactics
  • 14:15–14:30: Q&A and closing

This event will be held in English over Zoom.

Please RSVP using this link to secure your spot. We’re also accepting questions before the event to facilitate constructive discussions.


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