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Indonesian smart city solution provider Qlue expands into foreign market

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on   2 mins read

Starting with Malaysia, Qlue is currently eyeing Dubai, Thailand, and Japan.

Indonesian citizen services startup Qlue, that now focuses on smart city solution said Thursday it is expanding into foreign countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai and Japan.

Qlue recently opened a representative office in Malaysia and is now working on a smart city solution in the property sector with further plans to test its tech solutions at one of the airports in the country, the company said in a statement. The expansion move is to improve its performance aimed at double digits growth this year.

Earlier this week, to push its agenda of smart city solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Workforce, Qlue took part in two international conferences in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Qlue’s co-founder and CEO Rama Raditya said the company aims to bring smart city solutions to countries that currently lack in such services. By introducing this niche ecosystem, he said Qlue would be able to penetrate into any market.

“The expansion plan is a very exciting development as we are finding new competition out there. This encourages us to innovate in order to localize our ecosystem products (in foreign markets) through collaboration with the best local partners,” Raditya told KrASIA.

To expand into foreign markets, Raditya said, the company is working with selective partners including Microsoft, SoftBank and Mitsui. However, he clarified SoftBank only acts as a partner for the development of smart cities in Southeast Asia and there has been no investment from the Japanese telecommunication giant in Qlue so far.

Founded in 2014, Qlue provides a platform using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and data integration, that connects citizens with government bodies to improve work productivity and efficiency in combating city’s local problems.

Qlue decided to enter the Asian market due to its huge potential in the smart city market, especially because these countries already have good internet network infrastructure and good tech adoption. The firm plans to offer solutions like QlueApp, QlueWork, QlueDashboard, QlueVision, and QlueSense to government and corporate sectors abroad.

In its home country, Raditya said that Qlue wants to implement their solutions in more than 20 provinces until the end of this year through partnerships with various parties including the police, local government, and private enterprises. The firm also plans to expand its service coverage throughout Indonesia next year.


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