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Indonesian serial entrepreneur Natali Ardianto kicks off on-demand digital pharmacy platform

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on   2 mins read

Jovee wants to support a healthy lifestyle by providing supplement recommendations according to individual needs.

After months of anticipation, Indonesian health tech startup Indopasifik Teknologi Medika Indonesia (ITMI) launched its first platform called Jovee, in Jakarta on Thursday.

Jovee serves as a digital pharmacy that focuses on health supplements. It uses machine learning and a recommendations engine to collect data about user lifestyles to better understand and address the unique needs of each user.

The platform is currently still in private beta phase. Users can apply for an access code on its official website, but the code will be randomly sent to selected users only.

Those who receive the access code can download the app and sign up for the platform. They will be given 20 to 30 questions to determine their health condition and users will receive supplement recommendations according to their health information. Jovee currently partners with global suppliers such as Radiance and Black Morse, and it will continuously add more supplements to its online catalogue.

After finishing the payment process, Jovee will deliver the products to users’ doorsteps. Users can also make subscriptions for particular products so they can easily repurchase items.

ITMI is led by Indonesian serial entrepreneur Natali Ardianto who is also a former co-founder and CTO of online travel company Tiket. Ardianto announced his entry into the health tech sector in May 2019. In an interview with KrASIA  earlier this year, Ardianto promised to offer something new that couldn’t be found in the current health tech ecosystem in Indonesia.

However, the online pharmacy concept is not something new in the Indonesian health tech sector. Platforms such as Halodoc and Alodokter also have similar features, although Jovee focuses on a more segmented market than its peers.

Jovee and its parent company, ITMI, are a part of Indopasifik Medika Investama (IMI Group), a holding company behind pharmaceutical firm PharmaPlus, homecare service platform Homecare24, and general practitioner and specialist clinic chain PrimeCare Clinic. IMI has been in the healthcare industry for 40 years and its people have gleaned experience from the Canadian healthcare system, in particular. Ardianto said that Jovee was inspired by the advancement of Canadian healthcare services, one of which is reliable access to information about the individual’s nutritional needs.

Jovee is the first platform developed by ITMI and Ardianto said that the company will launch new products and services in future as it aims to create a comprehensive health tech ecosystem in Indonesia.


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