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Indonesian e-commerce pioneer Bhinneka opens official store – on Lazada

Written by Nadine Freischlad Published on 

Bhinneka expects to attract new segment of buyers through this partnership

In Indonesia’s competitive e-commerce landscape, medium-sized players have to get creative to reach potential customers, going an omnichannel route.

Bhinneka.com, a dinosaur of Indonesia’s e-commerce scene and initially specializing in electronics, launched an official store on Lazada’s branded marketplace, LazMall.

The collaboration allows Bhinneka to address shoppers who are already coming to Lazada to browse for goods.

Bhinneka was founded in 1993, well before Lazada — now owned by Alibaba –, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and other marketplaces launched. While these other platforms have grown massively thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital, Bhinneka kept a lower profile. It had raised venture capital too, but not on the same scale.

Bhinneka has experimented with other B2B collaborations in the past. For example, it explored selling event and attraction tickets in collaboration with ticketing startup Loket.

With this collaboration, Bhinneka expects to get additional transactions from a more diverse buyer segment. According to the firm’s Chief Omni Channel Officer, Vensia Tjhin, Bhinneka has three business segments, namely Business to Government (BtoG) which contributes 50% of total sales, B2B which makes up 30% of total sales, and B2C which contributes 20% of total sales. “Through the cooperation with an e-commerce platform, we target 20-25% sales in the B2C segment,” said Tjhin.

After teaming up with Lazada, the company plans to form more partnership with other e-commerce platforms this year.

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