Indonesia asks ride hailing firms to tighten screening process, in response to suicide bombing

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The suicide bomber was identified as wearing a jacket of a ride-hailing firm, where he was once a driver.

The Indonesian government has asked ride hailing firms to tighten the recruitment requirements for new driver partners, in response to a suicide bombing outside police headquarters in the Indonesian city of Medan, North Sumatra, on Wednesday.

“We will ask the companies to make new standards for new partner registrations. Firstly, [the driver] has to register in person. Secondly, [drivers] must have recommendations from existing driver partners. Thirdly, [the companies] should evaluate existing drivers,” Indonesia’s transport minister Budi Karya Sumadi said, as quoted by a press statement on Thursday. Sumadi asked that the recommendations be fulfilled within three days.

Ministry of transportation director general of land transportation Budi Setiyadi said that these recommendations can “ideally” prevent and anticipate harmful and dangerous actions such as the bombing case.

He explained that by tightening recruitment screening and monitoring existing drivers, they can be informed of driver identities, the track record of drivers, and the possible effects of negative socialization on drivers.

“There must be further supervision from the companies and we expect them to be proactive and dynamic in implementing this,” Setiyadi told KrASIA via phone on Friday.

He also will ask the ride-hailing firms to have a meeting detailing the progress of the evaluation and recruitment process in the near future.

A Grab Indonesia spokesperson said “no comment for now” regarding the transport ministry’s request.

Meanwhile Gojek chief of corporate affairs Nila Marita said that the company continues to adhere to the principle of prudence to the maximum extent possible in accepting driver partner registrations.

“Currently, in addition to producing a valid identity card, a driver’s license, and the vehicle registration certificate, prospective [driver] partners who want to register need to be physically present in our office and include a certificate of good conduct from the police, as an effort to verify the track record of the prospective partners with the Indonesian national police. Gojek believes prevention is the best way to provide security and comfort for consumers, partners, and service providers in utilizing our services and platforms,” Marita told KrASIA.

She added that Gojek is ready to work with relevant government agencies to increase the vigilance and security of their services.

At the moment, Gojek has two million drivers across Indonesia. Meanwhile, Grab didn’t disclose the number of drivers they have in the country.

The ‘lone wolf’ suicide bomber Robial Muslim Nasution, was identified as using a ride-hailing company jacket while carrying out the act. He was allegedly a driver for the ride-hailing firm, but resigned from his job two years ago.


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