Huawei’s first-ever TV sets pass China’s quality certification

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

There’s no information about when they will be out on the market.

Huawei, a major player in telecom infrastructure and smartphones, now has two types of LCD TV sets that have passed a compulsory certification in China, indicating they’re safe to use, tech news site IThome reported on Thursday.

Huawei’s TV sets will be manufactured by Hefei BOE Vision-electronic Technology Co Ltd, a subsidiary of BOE, a major global display and sensor device maker. There’s currently no further information on the Huawei-branded TVs, such as the screen size.

Huawei’s diversification into TV sets and potentially other consumer electronics has been anticipated for a while.

The firm initially said it expected to unveil its “first ever smart TV sets” in April, setting an annual sales target of 10 million units, KrAsia reported.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group told reporters in March that Huawei was in discussions with partners on whether they could together provide a smart speaker with screens, which could work as a TV set.

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