Huawei will launch its cloud and AI business in Singapore

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The tech giant’s cloud service is available in 23 geographical regions worldwide

Chinese tech giant Huawei will stage a summit in Singapore next week to showcase its capabilities in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, marking its formal entry into this local market, according to a press release.

The AI market in Singapore is expected to reach nearly USD 1 billion by 2022, with an annual growth of more than 42%, said Huawei, which said it believed AI is set to be the driver for the next round of industry transformation.

Huawei announced its ambition to become a top five global cloud computing company after linking up with Microsoft, reported Financial Times in 2017.

The tech giant’s cloud service has been available in 23 geographical regions worldwide, according to Huawei.

The event between April 24 and 25 in Singapore will allow visitors to experience Huawei’s high-precision facial recognition system and to test drive the one-stop AI development platform ModelArts and OCR batch identification services. Huawei’s in-house AI chip Ascend 310 and ARM chip Kunpeng 920 will also be showcased.

More than 500 government departments, enterprise representatives, and experts in the Asia Pacific region will discuss how organizations can explore the potential of digital transformation in the 5G and AI era, said Huawei.

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