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Guangzhou is using 5G to keep buses on time

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Guangzhou is the first city in China to pilot 5G for optimizing bus schedules.

One Chinese city is testing a bus scheduling system that’s powered by 5G.

The next-generation wireless technology is said to be able to handle more tasks quicker than before. It means authorities in Guangzhou will be able to monitor real-time passenger flow, bus dispatching, video recording, and more on the busy B27 bus line.

The project was launched in May, with 5G data transmission kicking off on Monday. The line has 22 5G-equipped vehicles and the city has installed 50 5G base stations along the route. And passengers get an additional perk: They can use 5G on board if they have a compatible phone or tablet.

China is investing heavily in 5G, and public transport is no exception. Buses equipped with 5G can now be found in cities like Qingdao and Zhengzhou, while others are testing self-driving buses powered by the technology. 5G is also slowly being introduced on subway lines across the country.

This article was first published in Abacus News.


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