Grab introduces three-wheel “Bajaj” service in Jakarta

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The firm aims to provide comprehensive transportation services for Indonesian users

Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest ride-hailing firm has started testing a new transportation service in Jakarta using the city’s classic “Bajaj” tricycles.

Bajajs are three-wheeled vehicles originally produced in India. This mode of transportation is available in various non-protocol roads in Jakarta and mainly serves as an alternative for short-distance rides.

According to Tri Sukma Anreianno, head of public affairs at Grab Indonesia, the company’s decision to include Bajaj to its transportation portfolio is in line with its vision to “answer all transportation challenges in Indonesia”. Anreianno said that Grab cooperates with the Jakarta government through the Transportation Agency and other related bodies to offer this service. “We are determined to create better public transportation in Jakarta by utilising locals’ favourite transportation modes,” he told local press.

Bajaj drivers are among those transportation providers in Jakarta whose business has been dwindling since the advent of ride-hailing networks, which have been luring new customers by offering cheap fares and promotions.

Grab provided no further details regarding the full launch of GrabBajay in Jakarta.

In Myanmar, Grab already offers Bajaj-like tricycles, and in Thailand, the company has a traditional vehicle called TukTuk in its network. These alternatives complement Grab’s main transportation service, Grab Car and Grab Bike.

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