Grab applies for platform fee in Singapore, plans to improve safety measures

Written by Ursula Florene Published on 

Since taking over Uber’s business, Grab has to seek permission on pricing from Singapore’s consumer watchdog.

The ride-hailing platform and super app Grab on Tuesday said it plans to impose an additional fee for its transport service in the city-state. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) who received the submission is currently looking for public feedback, according to a statement.

If approved, Grab will charge an extra SGD 0.32 after GST for each ride. The company stated that the money will be used to double down on safety measures such as driver training and insurance. One third of the sum will go to driver welfare support initiatives, such as scholarships.

In a separate statement, CCCS said it will consider public feedback in assessing Grab’s application.

Infringement decision after Grab-Uber merger

In 2018, the CCCS issued an infringement decision after Grab took over Uber’s business in Southeast Asia, considering the act as anti-competitive. Following the decision, Grab was required to maintain its pre-transaction pricing, pricing policies, and product options across its products, as well as keeping the market “open and contestable.” Any changes on said matters should be approved by the CCCS beforehand.


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