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GoPay users can open bank accounts on Gojek’s app with Jago integration

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on   1 min read

Gojek is the first super app to launch this service in Indonesia, marking a milestone in the country’s digital banking sector.

GoTo’s payment platform GoPay has strengthened its integration with IDX-listed digital bank Jago. Users can now open a Jago bank account through the Gojek app. With this development, Gojek is the first widely adopted platform in Indonesia to offer this type of service, making digital banking even more convenient than before.

Verified GoPay users can open Jago accounts without fees, and there are no minimum balance requirements. There will be no charges for moving funds between GoPay wallets and Jago accounts.

This partnership will provide access for many unbanked people in the country. At the moment, one in five GoPay users don’t have a bank account or don’t use it actively, according to a recent survey by the demographic institute of the University of Indonesia. The survey, which queried 7,355 GoPay users, indicated that one in four people expressed interest to open bank accounts through Gojek’s payments service.

“Integration with Jago is a true game-changer for us. It marks a new phase in our efforts to bring digital financial services to more people, as we provide convenient access to banking for millions across the country and help them kick-start their financial planning journeys,” said GoPay CEO Hans Patuwo in a statement.

Gojek and Jago’s partnership started in December 2020, when the super app acquired a 22% stake in the digital bank. They launched their first integration in July, letting Jago users connect their Jago pockets—a form of wallets—with the Gojek app to make cashless payments for Gojek’s services.


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