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Fulldive Browser partners with GoPay in Indonesia

Written by Ursula Florene Published on   2 mins read

Fulldive Coins can now be converted into credit for Gojek’s services.

Fulldive, a Silicon Valley-based developer, has formed a partnership with GoPay for its browser app, Fulldive Browser. The partnership will enable Indonesian users to redeem rewards from the browser through GoPay.

By partnering with Gojek’s payment app, Fulldive hopes to tap into a network of more than 50 million mobile users in the fourth most populous country in the world. The company will provide users in Indonesia with a “new browsing experience, where they can earn rewards while browsing or doing social activities,” Fulldive CEO, Giovanno Yosen Utomo, told KrASIA.

The Fulldive Browser incorporates a reward system that doles out Fulldive Coins to its users. These coins are earned when users spend time using the app, and they can be redeemed for gift cards, game points, or cryptocurrency. For Indonesian users, redemption can also be facilitated via GoPay, converting Fulldive Coins into credit for various services available on Gojek’s app.

Utomo claimed that this will help people with earning additional income during the COVID-19 outbreak, as people are now spending more time online. “Moreover, the browser allows users to donate the points they make on the app to charities that fight against COVID-19. We hope that Fulldive’s browser will bring benefits to Indonesians,” he said.

The CEO did not elaborate on how much passive income can be earned through Fulldive Browser. However, new users are automatically given 100 Fulldive Coins, or roughly IDR 100 (USD 0.0066), each day by activating news notifications. Responding to the notifications and reading the news in Fulldive Browser earns users additional coins. People who use Fulldive Browsers are guaranteed a minimum of IDR 3,000 (USD 0.20) in GoPay credit per month.

Right now, the company is still developing more features for users to earn coins from activities such as leaving comments on web pages, tagging friends, or getting upvotes on Reddit. However, Reddit is banned in Indonesia.

Founded in 2015 by Berkeley alumni Ed Ow, Alex Suvorov, and Utomo, Fulldive is known for its virtual reality content and navigation platform. Fulldive VR has amassed more than 10 million downloads, while the browser app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times globally.

There are other web browsers that use loyalty programs to attract and retain users. Other than Fulldive Browser, Microsoft’s Edge gives Microsoft points to users who utilize the search engine Bing. The open source browser Brave, which launching in 2017, allows users to earn its cryptocurrency BAT, which stands for basic attention token, by opting in to its Ads program.


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