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Denying reports that they quit, two Go-Viet execs say they’re just switching roles

Written by Robin Moh Published on   1 min read

New challenges ahead for Go-Jek as it expands in Southeast Asia.

Just after the announcement that general director Nguyen Vu Duc and deputy general director Nguyen Bao Linh have quit their respective positions with G0-Viet, Go-Jek’s offshoot in Vietnam last week, the company quickly clarified, saying that these execs will be taking on advisory roles at Go-Jek instead.

The day-to-day management of Go-Jek’s operations in Vietnam will be run by the remaining leaders at the firm, which also include managing director Phung Tuan Duc. According to the company’s press statement, Go-Viet is in its next stage of growth and the firm will be focusing on building capacity and introducing new features to strengthen its Vietnam operations.

Why this reshuffle was necessary and how it will affect Go-Viet is unclear at this point. Interestingly, Nguyen Vu Duc was also briefly part of the team launching Uber in Vietnam, after which he started a mobile wallet and P2P lending business.

Go-Jek is still in the early stages of its Southeast Asian expansion. It began operating Vietnam only last year, and it has yet to get the green light from regulators to operate in the Philippines. It the first few years of its existence, Go-Jek has been focusing on its domestic market in Indonesia. But even at home, it’s a tough competition with rival Grab.

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