Deliveroo to pilot walking delivery in Singapore

Written by Zhixin Tan Published on 

Turns out walking is more efficient than riding in Singapore’s dense CBD.

Food delivery platform Deliveroo will soon start a walking delivery service for users in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, the company confirms.

The pilot service will run for approximately a month starting from July 8, during which the company will be gathering feedback from those participating in the trial.

During the trial period, 50 delivery persons will be delivering meals on foot to customers in the CBD area including those in Marina Bay, City Hall, and Little India, ditching their motorbikes and e-scooters altogether.

This move is a response to feedback regarding the difficulty in finding parking spaces in the CBD, making walking a more efficient mode of delivery as compared to riding. Deliveroo customers in the CBD tend to order from nearby restaurants, so that distances are manageable on foot.

Deliveroo has an Employee Rider Program where Deliveroo’s office workers complete deliveries to better understand the challenges delivery people face in their daily work. Participants of this program also concluded that walking might be most effective in some areas, which led to the company’s decision to launch this trial service.

Deliveroo is one of the active food delivery service providers in Singapore, alongside FoodPanda and GrabFood. HonestBee recently pulled out of the Singapore food delivery market.


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