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Deals | Deal book: Tencent invests in robotics startup Marble; Knowbox raises $100 million from YF Capital and TAL

Written by Zhao Xiaochun Published on   2 mins read

Investments in education, consumer, cloud computing and robotics industries.


Company: Knowbox (作业盒子)

Round: Series C, February 2018

Amount: US$ 100 million

Investors: YF Capital, TAL Education Group

Profile: Founded in 2014, Knowbox is a tool for K12 education that allows teachers to assign and correct homework online. Students can also interact with teachers using its app.

The startup claims, as of April 2018, it has over 27 million registered student users and 2 million teachers on its platform, covering 70k schools in 400 Chinese cities. Its DAU tops 3.7 million.



Company: HEYTEA (喜茶)

Round: Series B, April 2018

Amount: RMB 400 million (approx. US$ 63.1 million)

Investors: Longzhu Capital

Profile: Founded in 2012, HEYTEA is a beverage brand that sells tea drinks in 90 stores across China.

The startup recently started to allow consumers to order takeaways using Meituan’s delivery app, as there are always long queues outside of its stores.



Company: Marble

Round: Series A, April 2018

Amount: US$10 million

Investors: Tencent, CF, Maven Ventures, Lemnos Labs, Zach Coelius

Profile: Founded in March 2015, Marble designs courier robots for last mile delivery. Marble robots can deliver takeaway, medicine, and grocery to customers who can unlock the robot with an access code.

The startup launched its food-delivery robot in last April in partnership with Yelp.



Company: AutocloudPro (车通云)

Round: Series C, April 2018

Amount: RMB 500 million (US$ 78.9 million)

Investors: UCAR

Profile: Founded in 2015 in Shanghai, AutocloudPro is a platform for auto parts that targets insurance companies, auto stores, and maintenance stores. When a customer places an order, AutocloudPro sends it to parts suppliers and manufacturers, who will ship the parts to customers.

According to consulting firm Roland Berger, the market size for auto parts in China reached RMB 500 billion (approx. US$79 billion) in 2016 and is projected to reach RMB 800 billion (approx. US$ 126 billion) by 2022.


Cloud Computing

Company: XSKY(星辰天合)

Round: Series C, April 2018

Amount: RMB 240 million (approx. US$37.8 million)

Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint, Qiming Venture Partners, Northern Light Venture Capital

Profile: Founded in 2015 in Beijing, XSKY provides software-defined-infrastructure products and services. The startup offers internet carrier operation experience and open-source technology while providing storage solutions.

The company claims to be ranked top 3 in the world and #1 in China of source code contribution in Ceph community.


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