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Daily Digest | Rough rides

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Grab one month on after its IPO.

Hey. It’s Brady again.

Some of you probably have $GRAB in your portfolio. And you may not be happy about its performance since early December, when Grab went through a SPAC merger to gain its ticker symbol.

KrASIA doesn’t offer financial advice, but we do look at what companies do as well as how and why they do it. The motivation behind going public on the other side of the world… well, we still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around that one, but the fact is US investors don’t really recognize the company in any meaningful way, so there’s little reason for them to click “Buy.”

If rides—Grab’s bread and butter—can’t draw revenue in countries where there are intermittent lockdowns, then there’s a major hurdle to justify the company’s near-future income even though it has diversified its services.

With that said, there are factors that are in Grab’s favor. Khamila spoke with knowledgeable people to map this out. You can read her article here.

Daily Roundup

Alibaba’s local consumer businesses reportedly plan layoffs as they lose ground to Meituan.

Prosa.ai trains systems to process human speech in Bahasa Indonesia.

Kebizz automates financial reports and analytics for MSMEs.

Amazon maintains lead over Flipkart as its India marketplace revenue surges 49% in FY 2021.


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