ComfortDelGro launches food delivery service, all fees will go directly to cabbies

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The service was set up specifically to help out ComfortDelGro cabbies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new service has joined the ranks of the food delivery space in Singapore and it is called ComfortDelivery.

The delivery service was set up specifically to help out ComfortDelGro cabbies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular during the circuit breaker period, as the government strongly urges everyone to stay at home and avoid going outdoors.

The service, which charges a distance-based rate, is available from 9am to 10pm daily. It was previously on trial to familiarize taxi drivers and F&B outlets with the system.

Deliveries will be charged a distance-based rate starting at $6.50. Outlets who book cabbies for two drop-offs in one booking pay a discounted rate starting at $8.50.

The delivery charges will fully go to the cabbies and ComfortDelGro will not be pocketing any money. There will be no fee imposed on either the cabbies or the F&B outlets during the circuit breaker period till June 1. The cabbies will bid for the delivery jobs via the ComfortDelivery driver app.

ComfortDelGro cabbies will be trained on the usage of the app and on how to handle food safely. They will be required to adhere to elevated safe distancing measures, including the contactless delivery process, that have been recommended by the Singapore Food Association.

Upon collection, the outlet can pay the cabby through PayNow or by cash. The app is also able to track the location of the taxi and the time at which the cabby delivers the order through the platform.

Cabbies who are keen to learn more about being a part of ComfortDelivery can email their interest to [email protected]

Interested F&B outlets can go onto the ComfortDelivery webpage to sign up for an account, and have immediate access to a fleet of 10,000 taxis.

This article first appeared in the Vulcan Post.


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