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Chinese video streaming site iQiyi partners with Malaysia’s Astro to expand overseas

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

Pay-television Astro provides its service to more than 5.7 million Malaysian households.

Beijing-based video streaming site iQiyi has formed a strategic partnership with Astro, Malaysia’s pay-television service provider, to localize its services, according to a press release of the Chinese company.

Under this deal, individuals in Malaysia will be able to use their Astro accounts to login to the international version of the iQiyi app, and access from there to a variety of original dramas, variety shows, films and animations.

The iQiyi’s international version was launched in June, providing subtitles and intelligent search features in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Malay, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese, among others.

The partnership will help iQiyi’s strengthen its international presence and offer better entertainment services for overseas markets, said the company, which has Baidu among its investors.

iQiyi’s subscribers in China reached 105.8 million in September 2019, up 31% year over year, according to Baidu’s third-quarter earnings release.

Before this partnership, iQiyi has launched a content channel on Astro, hosting Chinese popular programs like “The Thunder” and “The Rap of China”.

By now, over 2 million Malaysian users have visited and watched iQiyi’s content channel on Astro, which provides services to more than 5.7 million households in Malaysia, said iQiyi on the press release.

In the future, video content by Astro such as the show “Call Me Handsome” will be also available to Malaysian users through the iQiyi app, the Chinese firm added.

Since 2017 iQiyi has distributed more than 2,000 episodes of original content in over 200 territories, says the company.


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