Chinese shoppers can now have their parcels delivered to their cars

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

China’s JD Logistic is now allowing cars to be used as mailing address.

Beijing-based JD Logistics, the delivery arm of China’s e-commerce platform, has started to allow shoppers to use their cars as the mailing address for their parcels, in addition to their usual home or office addresses, according to a press release of on Thursday.

Authorized by the car owner, a JD courier can track where the car is by accessing data stored in a cloud platform, and even open the car trunk with a one-off key to put the parcel in.

JD rolled out the service first for users who own Lynk&Co vehicles, a car brand co-held by Hangzhou-headquartered Geely and  Swedish Volvo, and added that the “delivery to cars” service will be also offered to vehicles produced by Nio, Skoda, Volkswagen, and Hyundai.

The innovative move allows JD Logistics to be the first among all courier companies in China to roll out such a service.

Zhou Qiangming, product director of JD Logistics’ retailing logistics department, explained that this service was inspired based on a survey involving 2 million respondents that once bought car-related products on

A total of 59.7% of respondents reported that they expected to enjoy the “delivery to cars” service while 31.5% of all surveyed showed “a strong demand” for this service.


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