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China’s largest courier firm now offers relocation services in Beijing

Written by Song Jingli Published on   1 min read

The idea is to offer transparency for consumers.

SF Express, the largest courier company in China, is known for moving an incredible number of packages across the country every day. It is now also offering a home relocation service in Beijing.

A pubic WeChat account called Jishipei, which literally means “time-keeping delivery,” has gone live, allowing individuals or businesses in the Chinese capital to call for relocation specialists.

SF Express has set detailed prices for the services that may be required during relocations. For instance, each mover carries a cost of RMB 100 (USD 14.90) per hour, and the transportation of large items such as pianos, treadmills, aquariums, and air conditioners carries higher charges.

The company is using its big-data analysis to determine the cost breakdown for each line item, and also offers projections for how long each move would take. The idea is to ensure transparency for its clients in a service that often has opaque pricing and unclear timelines.

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